We source our top-quality Yarn from the industry leading Spinning Mills around our Facility.

Home Textile Manufacturers and Exporters

THE JIO TEX is a rapidly expanding Home Textile manufacturer from India, constantly and continually trying to get better. giving our clients the finest service possible while producing and delivering all products in an ethical manner.
We are devoted to helping the Home Textile create a sustainable future. maintaining both great quality and low pricing. Our production facilities follow international standards for quality, design, and worker amenities. We adhere to moral business principles and don't use child labor. To help promote a cleaner, pollution-free world, we use recyclable packaging.


We endeavor to build lasting relationships by consistently delivering products of unmatched quality, exceeding expectations, and providing exceptional service. We aspire to be a trusted partner, offering reliability, integrity, and innovation in every thread.


Our vision is to forge enduring connections with our buyer, becoming synonymous with unparalleled quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Continuously enhancing the factory employees lifestyle.

Production Capacity :

Spinning --- Dyeing --- Weaving --- Processing --- Printing --- Cutting --- Stitching --- Testing & Inspection --- Packing

Employees --- 224

Capacity ------ 4,68,000  Pieces

We are capable of handling your orders well ahead of time. Our R&D facility engages the latest equipment with an enhanced production capacity of 4,68,000 units per month.

Creative Force

Meet our team

Vishal Mehta




Luxis Balu

Managing Director